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Skit: Koala at Customs

Students prepare and perform a funny, short (1 page) skit that takes place in Japan. There are two parts: the Passenger and the Officer. The passenger is found to have concealed a live koala in their bag.



A plane has landed in Japan, and passengers from Australia go through customs. Passengers answer the questions asked by the customs officer and explain what they brought with them. Some passengers have Australian native animals concealed in their luggage…

Suggested Props

Suitcase, passport, soft toy animals (eg. koala), personal belongings (eg. clothes, underwear, etc.)


  • An immigration declaration sheet below that passengers can fill out.
  • Role cards explaining the two roles the students can take.
  • Model dialogue to help students create the skit.
Immigration Card (PDF 129KB)

Role Card (PDF 100KB)

Model dialogue

Officer: パスポートをみせてください。
Passenger: はい、どうぞ。
O: いま、どこにすんでいますか。
P: ________にすんでいます。
O: にほんでなにをしますか。
P: _______をします。
O: そうですか。ありがとう。(Returns the passport) かばんをあけてください。
P: はい。(Opens the bag)
O: (Points to one of the items) これはなんですか。
P:  ______です。(Opens up the box and shows the content)
O: (Indicates another item) これはなんですか。
P: (Startled and hesitant) これは・・・・。
O: あけてください。
P: はい・・・。(Reluctantly opens it up. Koala pops its head up)
O: これはあなたのコアラですか。
P: はい・・・。
O: さようなら。
(The officer claps his/her hands. A group of officers come out and drag the passenger away.)
P: あっ、あっ、ごめんなさい! ごめんなさい! ごめんなさいっ!!

Model Dialogue (PDF 274KB)

Scenario Variation

  • The customs officer may be friendly, flexible, unfriendly, inflexible or impatient.
  • The passengers may have concealed other animals, such as lizards(とかげ), snakes(へび), spiders(くも) etc.

Role-play Extension

  • This conversation can be extended by officer asking これでなにをしますか。(What do you do with this?) when the officer checks personal belongings.

When your skit is ready, why not enter it into the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri Contest! Check the details by using the url below.

Additional Resources

Please read the article “Developing Your Own Skits”

Developing Your Own Skits (PDF 131KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood, Shingo Usami and Cathy Jonak (March 2003).

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