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Skit: Hello Mr Lucky! Game Show

Students prepare a TV show skit where they practise introducing themselves and answering about their favourite fruit (or other category). There are 4 people per group.


On a popular TV show called ラッキーさん、こんにちは!the host opens the show and introduces 3 contestants. Each contestant has to answer questions about him/herself. Then the host asks the contestants what sort of fruit they like. Inside the host’s ひみつのはこ (Secret Box), there is a picture of a particular fruit. The lucky contestant, ラッキーさん, whose favourite fruit matches the one in the box will be given a mystery prize.

Scenario Extensions

The ‘favourite thing’ could be chosen from other categories, such as sports, animals.
どんなスポーツがすきですか。 どんなどうぶつがすきですか。

Role-play Extension

The dialogue can be modified for advanced students using language and structures the students are learning. The host can ask contestants about their family and pets, where they live, what they do in their free time, and so on.

Suggested Props

Secret box, picture cards, mystery prize

Model dialogue

H: Host C: Contestants (2-3 students)
H: 「ラッキーさん、こんにちは!」のじかんです。こんにちは。
C: こんにちは。
H: おなまえは? (Host asks all the contestants the same questions)
C: _____です。
H: なんさいですか。
C: _____さいです。
H: _____さん、どんなくだものがすきですか。
C: ______がすきです。
H: そうですか。ありがとう。
(Host picks up the picture hidden in the Secret Box)
H: きょうのラッキーさんは_____さんです!!
おめでとう! (Gives the picture to the contestant)
C: ありがとう!
H: つぎのコンテスタント、どうぞ!
(Calls for the next contestants, and the game show continues)

Fruit cards

Fruit Cards (PDF 278KB)

When your skit is ready, why not enter it into the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri Contest! Check the details by using the url:

Additional Resources

Please read the article “Developing Your Own Skits”

Developing Your Own Skits (PDF 131KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood, Shingo Usami and Cathy Jonak (March 2003).

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