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Role Play: World Events Report

Students prepare and perform a skit in which a TV show host asks for updates and events via satellite from several different journalists around the world. Language: Weather and time around the world, 「(place) は (weather) です。」、   Introducing people,「こちらは_____さんです。」、 Introducing places/events, 「Places/events があります。」、「Activity をします。」

Role plays and skits allow students to use their Japanese creatively and enjoyably. It is hoped that teachers will not only use these activity resources as they are, but will change and adjust them to suit the needs of their students.


Reporters have been sent around the world to report on current events. The studio reporter gets in touch with overseas reporters one by one to get the latest report. Overseas reporters may be given some time to interview people there.

Scenario Variation

  • Other cities : とうきょう、ロンドン、パリ、モスクワ、ニューヨーク、ホノルル
  • More students can be involved by becoming local people in the street.

Role-play Extension

At a more advanced level, reporters can interview a guest such as a local person, as in the extension section of the model dialogue.

Students may write their own skits. They may include some interesting events like:

  • せかい へんなファッションたいかい (world’s weirdest fashion competition)
  • せかい へんなペットたいかい (world’s weirdest pets competition)
  • へんなあるきかたの日 (funny walk day)

Suggested Props

Make a microphone with a toilet paper or cling wrap tube, newspaper and coloured paper.



When your skit is ready, why not enter it into the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri Contest! Check the details by using the url below.


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