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Role Play: Weather Reports

Students will learn expressions describing weather. They will be able to role-play giving a weather report from various cities around the world.



Activity 1

Teacher Talk

  • なつはあついですね。 – It’s hot in summer isn’t it?
  • 10どはどうですか。 – How do you feel about 10°?
  • れいどは? – What about 0°?
  • てんきのアイコンをちずにはってください。 – Stick the weather icon on the map.

Task sheet 1

Tasksheet 1 (PDF 503KB)

Activity 2

Students role play in groups according to the scenario on Tasksheet 2. A useful prop for this role play activity is a microphone. Microphones can be made from leftover cardboard tubes cut in half, with a ball of paper stuck in one end to create the shape of a studio mike.
Students form groups and choose an overseas city. The teacher can play the reporter in the studio as a rehearsal, then students in each group can take on that role. Another student plays the reporter on location in that city and the others can be local ‘people in the street’.

Teacher Talk

  • グループになってください。 – Get into groups.
  • あなたはスタジオのリポーターになってください。 – You play the part of studio reporter.
  • だれががいこくのリポーターをしますか。 – Who will be the overseas reporter?
  • クラスのまえでロールプレーをしてください。 – Perform the roleplay in front of the class.

Task sheet 2

Tasksheet 2 (PDF 338KB)

Make Your Own Microphone



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