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Role Play: Visit the Doctor

Students practise sickness expressions in a role play between a doctor and a patient. The symptoms and advice are provided on cards.




Make copies of the CONSULTATION CARD and PATIENT CARD according to the number of times students will role-play.


Pre-task: Students check expressions using the symptoms pictures.

Students role-play in pairs, with one student acting as doctor and the other as patient. Patients pick up a card and get advice from the doctor according to their information. Doctors write the patient’s information on the consultation card as they get it, and refer to it to confirm and give advice. Roles can then be reversed.

SYMPTOMS どうしたんですか?

  1. おなかがいたい
  2. かぜをひいた
  3. のどがいたい
  4. あたまがいたい
  5. せきがでている
  6. つかれている
  7. アレルギーがある
  8. ねつがある
  9. ゆびをきった
  10. やけどをした
  11. あしをおった
  12. ストレスがたまった
Symptoms (PDF 369KB)


You are the doctor. Fill out the consultation card by asking the patient questions.
Then, give the patient advice.

Consultation Card

Consultation Card (PDF 57KB)

Adviceアドバイス  (~たほうがいい、~ないほうがいい、~ないように)

  • ねつをはかる
  • あついスープをのんで、ねる
  • つめたいおふろに入る
  • ひやす
  • くすりをつける
  • くすりをのむ (いたみどめ – pain killer、せきどめ – cough medicine)
  • 学校をやすんで、うちでゆっくりする
  • なにもたべない
  • でかけない
  • かんけいない etc


You are the patient. Look at the card, answer the doctor’s questions and listen to the doctor’s advice. Use polite form, and explain with ~んです。

Patient Card

Patient Card (PDF 93KB)


そうだんしつ - Counselling

Students role-play a situation where they get advice on future plans. A card like the one below can be used, with one student playing themselves and the other a careers adviser.

Variation Card

Variation Card (PDF 58KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi, Cathy Jonak and Yohei Arakawa (November 1998).

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