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Role Play: Japanese Tea

Students work in groups of four to write a script and role play a difficult situation involving some bad tasting tea! Julie doesn’t wish to offend her Japanese hosts so she distracts them with questions about their house.


Students form groups of four.
The teacher provides students with the scenario and a role as below. Students write their own dialogue.

Role Play

Julie (an Australian exchange student) visits the home of her new school friend Yuki where she meets Yuki’s family.

Role Play sheet (PDF 137KB)


  • Julie – Australian student
  • Yuki – Host sister
  • Yuki’s mother
  • Yuki’s grand mother


  1. Julie arrives home with Yuki
  2. She is introduced to Yuki’s family
  3. They go into the Japanese room where Yuki’s mother offers her Japanese tea
  4. Julie tries to drink it but instantly hates it. She is embarrassed to say she doesn’t like it so she tries to distract the family by asking lots of questions about the things around the Japanese room so she can pour the tea into a nearby bonsai plant.
  5. After Julie leaves the family notices their beautiful bonsai plant is full of tea!!

Useful Expressions:

J = Julie

J ただいま。/ おかえりなさい。
J おじゃまします。
J はじめまして。どうぞよろしく。こちらへどうぞ。
J きれいなへやですね。おちゃはどうですか。おかしをどうぞ。
J あ、あれはなんですか。
とこのま/ おしいれ / たたみ / しょうじ
e.g 日本の学校はどうですか。
J  ~てもいいですか。
e.g すみません。トイレに行ってもいいですか。


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