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This series comprises short texts on various topics, targeting junior secondary to senior secondary. Students will develop reading skills, and through reading the texts, they can also develop intercultural understanding by reflecting on and exchanging their ideas. 

How To Use The Resources

Each text has a vocabulary list and an English translation. Various activities such as before-reading activities, during-reading activities, and after-reading activities are also provided.

See more information about the benefits of before-reading activities, during-reading activities, and after-reading activities: READING ACTIVITIES AND STRATEGIES

New texts will be uploaded regularly.

Reading Series No. 2: Uluru

This text is about Uluru, a cultural and natural World Heritage Site in central Australia. The Australian government declared a ban on climbing Uluru from October 26th, 2019.

TEXT_LEVEL 1 (WORD 24KB) Activities for LEVEL 1 (WORD 479KB)
TEXT_LEVEL 2 (WORD 24KB) Activities for LEVEL 2 (WORD 643KB)


This text has been created by the JPF, Sydney with references to the following articles:

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Resource created by Minako Kadoi with assistance from Jessica Leung (December 2019).

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