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READING SERIES NO. 4 : Auspicious animals in Japan

This series comprises short texts on various topics, targeting junior secondary to senior secondary. Students will develop reading skills, and through reading the texts, they can also develop intercultural understanding by reflecting on and exchanging their ideas. 

How To Use The Resources

This includes a vocabulary list, questions about the text, pre-reading and post-reading. You can download the Word version or the PDF version, depending on how you want to use it.

See more information about the benefits of pre-reading activities, during-reading activities, and post-reading activities: READING ACTIVITIES AND STRATEGIES

Auspicious animals in Japan

This text will explain how animals in Japan are auspicious.
Japan has many animals and some of them have been expressing the Japanese lifestyle and way of thinking for hundreds of years. 

Text_WORD (173KB) Text_PDF(1.22MB)

Resource created by Shunsuke Hirakawa with assistance from Natsumi Yajima (March 2022).

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