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Race Around Tokyo on the Train

Students use the train map supplied to work out who can get to the bomb fastest before it explodes. Students work out a route for each of the four detectives and add up the minutes it takes to them to reach the destination in time.

A terrorist has left a bomb at Shinagawa Station!

テロリストからのメッセージ Here is his message.

Four detectives have been alerted in the following stations:
1 たなかけいじ : いけぶくろえき 2 ねぎしけいじ : よつやえき
3 ねつけいじ  : とうきょうえき 4 あまのけいじ : うえのえき

Look at the map. Find out how long it will take the detectives to get to the bomb by working out their quickest travel time. Add 3分 (3 mins) for のりかえ(changing trains). Which detective(s) can get there before it explodes?

Sentence: _________けいじはいちばんはやかったです。 _________分でつきました。

Worksheet (PDF 152KB)


Map (PDF 134KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood and Cathy Jonak (March 2001).

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