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Nihongo Twister

Students play twister games to familiarise themselves with fruit names in Japanese.


Print out the PPT slides on A3 paper and laminate them to create a class set of twister game sheets. Each student will be given a game sheet.

Twister Printout Sheet (PPT 1054KB)

Procedure (Whole class)

1. Using the PPT, students familiarize themselves with the names of different fruits in Japanese and four key wordsて、あし、みぎ、ひだり
2. Each student places the game sheet on the floor. When the teacher calls out the word, students place their hands or feet on the picture accordingly. eg, 「みぎ・て・バナナ」Students must place their right hand on the picture of the banana, and wait for the next cue. Alternatively, students can take turns to call out the words. Students will be eliminated from the game if their hands or feet leave the picture. Students who successfully place their hands and feet on all four pictures win.

Twister Game (PPT 2455KB)


This game can be used for various word groups such as animals, food, numbers and hiragana/katakana/kanji recognition.

Resource created by The Japan Foundation Sydney (inspired by the activity at Tanken Centre) (July 2018).

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