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Name the Shops

Students play a barrier game where they have to identify all the shops in the row based on what each shop sells.




  1. Make copies of the Goods&Shops Sheet and Pairwork Sheet (A) and (B).
  2. Cut the pair work sheets in half lengthwise to make sheets (A) and (B).
  3. Revise words for goods and shops and related expressions.


Pair Work

Each pair is given a Goods and Shops Sheet and Pairwork Sheet (A) or (B).
Each student first marks off on the Goods and Shops Sheet the goods that are listed on their pairwork sheet.
Students who have Pairwork Sheet (A) know what Shops 1, 3 and 6 are and what they sell.
Students who have Pairwork Sheet (B) know about Shops 2, 5 and 7.
Students ask each other questions to find out what the remaining shops sell, and what sort of shop they are.
For example, a student first asks 1ばんのみせに本がありますか. If the answer is はい、あります, the student can then guess what the shop is by asking 1ばんのみせは本やですか. If the answer to the first question is いいえ、ありません, the student continues to ask questions until he/she finds out what the shop sells and hence what kind of shop it is. Students can then work out what goods from the Goods and Shops sheet belong in which shops, and write them together with the name of the shop in the blank boxes on their pairwork sheet. Finally, students will find that there are some goods left which must belong in the No.4 Mystery Shop, and they can work out in pairs what that shop must be. (Answer: No.4 Mystery Shop is でんきや . Goods sold are テレビ、でんわ、スマーホ.)


  1. Students must ask about ALL items in a shop first before making a guess about what kind of shop it is.
  2. Rather than YES/NO questions, students can ask WHAT questions like:
  • 1ばんのみせに何がありますか。(本があります。)
  • 1ばんのみせは何のみせですか。(本やです。)
Good and Shops (PDF 654KB)

Pairwork Sheet A and B (PDF 94KB)

Resource created by Eiko Nakamura, Cathy Jonak and Michie Akahane-Suparman (August 1994).

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