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Mystery Train Around Japan

Students become familiar with the names of major cities and famous mountains in Japan by filling out a worksheet which takes them all over the country. Students move around the classroom to find out what their next stop on the journey is.


Learn about the different regions of Japan using “Kids Web Japan”.

Cut out the strips below, and stick the cards on the walls around the classroom. Make strips of place names. Each student takes a strip which indicates the starting place of their trip.
First, students search for their starting place on the left side of the cards on the walls. On the right side they will find their next destination, which they write down on their sheet. They will then search for this destination on the left side of the cards again, and continue until they have visited 10 places and returned to the place where they started. The worksheet below is to be used to write down the names of the 10 places they visit. The first person to finish and have their list checked by the teacher wins.

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood, Shingo Usami and Cathy Jonak (August 2001).

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