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My Future Dreams: Giving Reasons

Students circulate around the classroom trying to find the person who has the other half of the sentence which matches their half. Each sentence is joined with the conjunction から.



  1. Introduce the words which are written on the REASON CARDS and RESULT CARDS.
  2. Make copies of cards. To make the activity easier, make the REASON CARDS a different colour to the RESULT CARDS.


Whole class
Each student is given a card. Students circulate around the classroom reading the content of their card to each other to try to match the two sentences with から that together make sense. With the help of their new found partner, students then make a sentence with から about their own future.


Students in groups compete to match up the cards to form logical sentences using から, saying them out loud. The first group to complete the sentences correctly wins.


  1. Students can write their own sentence about their future plans on a card and give it to the teacher. The teacher can then use the set of cards to read out loud and students guess whose future it is.
  2. Students make their own sets of cards in groups, and give the cards they made to another group to work out.
Reason Cards (PDF 273KB)

Result Cards (PDF 242KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi, Cathy Jonak and Yohei Arakawa (July 1995).

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