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Job Seeking Activity

Students pretending to be job seekers are matched with one of four part time job options by answering a series of questions asked by the students playing the role of an employment agency.



Before doing this activity, you may wish to show the students this skit from “Erin ga Choosen”. It features various part-time jobs of high school students in Japan.

Make copies of interview sheets and job seeker cards according to the number of times students will role-play.

Employment Agency Question Sheet (PDF 1131KB)

Job Seeker Cards (PDF 290KB)


Students role-play in pairs, with one student acting as a part time job seeker and the other as an employment agent. Job seekers pick up a job seeker card and take a job interview basing their answers on the information on the card. The agents ask questions using the interview checklist sheet, filling it in as they go.
The agents then suggest the best job for the job seekers from the job advertisements next to the checklist, and give the conditions. Roles can then be reversed, or job seekers can take a new card with different information.

Formation of Potential Form of Verbs

はなせるhanas eru (can speak)

たべられるtabe rareru (can eat)

こられるkorareru (can come)

できるdekiru (can do)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi, Cathy Jonak and Yohei Arakawa (March 2014).

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