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How We Use Water

Students will practise numbers as they discuss the percentage of water in plants and animals. They will then brainstorm verbs relating to water use and discuss Australia’s and Japan’s use of water.


Activity 1

  1. Using Tasksheet 1, ask the class to guess the percentage of water in humans. Answer: 70%
  2. Students then annotate the picture on the worksheet.

Teacher Talk:

There is a lot of water in living things.
What percentage does your body have, do you think?

Tasksheet 1

Tasksheet 1 (PDF 492KB)

Activity 2

  1. Students in pairs or groups think of 10 activities related to using water and write them on Tasksheet 2 (What can you do with water?). As well as the obvious uses, students try to think of some interesting uses.
  2. Using Tasksheet 3, students check their comprehension by matching the number to the activity. They can also check which activities are the same as the ones they thought of, and which are different. Each group decides which of their ideas is interesting or original, and an award can be given for the ‘most interesting water activity’ from among these.

Tasksheet 2

Tasksheet 2 (PDF 349KB)

Tasksheet 3

Tasksheet 3 (PDF 475KB)

Teacher Talk:

  • みずなにをしますか。 What do you do with/in water?
  • たとえば、およぎます。For example, swim.
  • グループでかんがえてください。 Think of some things in your group.
  • そして、おもしろいことをかんがえてみてください。 And try to think of some interesting things.
  • 「おもしろしょう」をあげます。 I’ll give a prize for ‘Most interesting idea’.
  • 4ページをてください。これをかんがえましたか。 Look at page 4. Did you think of these?
  • このグループのいちばんおもしろいアイディアは? What is this group’s most interesting idea?


Additional Tasksheet 4 for advanced students – 「まいにちのみず」.
Students can discuss similarities and differences between Australia and Japan.

Tasksheet 4

Tasksheet 4 (PDF 568KB)

Resource created by Cathy Jonak and Himiko Negishi-Wood (March 2001).

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