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Directions Around Town

In pairs, students try to be the first to work out the mystery sentence by following directions. Using their map they go to different locations which have been allocated an area of the classroom.


  1. Give Sheets (A) and (B) to students to revise giving directions.
  2. Make one copy of Direction Sheets (A) and (B) and cut into 4 sheets, Directions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Display these Direction Sheets by sticking or pinning them up in the four corners of the room.
  3. Make copies of the Mystery Sentence Sheet and cut into strips.
  4. Make copies of the Map Sheet and mark on the maps the starting points from Directions 1 ~ 4 (station, library, hospital, school).


Pair Work

Students form pairs.
Each pair is given a Mystery Sentence slip and a map with the starting points marked. The object of the activity is to work out the mystery sentence. Students do this by looking at their map and the 4 sets of directions which have been displayed around the room. Each set of directions will lead them to a place on their map, and this word will help to complete the mystery sentence.
Pairs of students report to the teacher when they think they have completed the mystery sentence. The first pair to report the correct mystery sentence is the winner.


  1. Sheets (A) and (B) can be used to summarise or revise giving directions.
  2. The activity can be adapted to deal with locations. The procedure is the same as for the activity above, but instead of the Direction Sheets, Location Sheets (A) and (B) are used. These are displayed around the room in the same way.
  3. Using the Map Sheet, students can give directions or explain locations to each other.

Revision Sheet

Direction Sheet

Location Sheet

Map Sheet (PDF 1347KB)


Sheet (A)

  1. 右に
  2. 左に
  3. 一つめの/一ばんめの/さいしょの かどを
  4. 二つめの/二ばんめの かどを
  5. 一つめの/一ばんめの/さいしょの しんごうを
  6. 二つめの/二ばんめの しんごうを
  7. つきあたりを
  8. はしを
  9. まっすぐ
  10. まっすぐ
  11. ずっと
  12. 少し
  13. です
  14. あります
  15. です
  16. あります

Sheet (B)

  1. 一つめのかどを左にまがってください。
  2. まっすぐ行ってください。
  3. はしをわたってください。
  4. まっすぐ行って、一つめのかどを右にまがってください。
  5. 二つめのしんごうを左にまがって、一つめのかどを右にまがってください。
  6. はしをわたって、右にまがってください。
  7. まっすぐ行って、右です。
  8. 一つめのかどを左にまがって、右がわです。
  9. はしをわたって、左です。
  10. まっすぐ行くと、ぎんこうのとなりにあります。
  11. はしをわたると、こうえんです。
  12. はしをわたって行くと、左がわにあります。

Mystery Sentence


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