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Daily Routine

Students practice verbal expressions for daily activities and create a wheel showing the times and activities they do in a day.

Part 1 Daily Routine Card Games

  1. Students learn daily activities with pictures.
  2. Students practice the expressions with the games by using cards below.


  • Card matching
  • Concentration
  • Snap (Karuta)
  • Lotto
  • Go Fish
If appropriate for your students, you can use the opportunity to raise awareness of grammar by comparing the use of particles を and に.
Picture Cards (Word 100KB)

Part 2 Daily Routine Wheel

  1. Students review how to say time in Japanese.
  2. Students practice the pattern 「~じに・・・ます」「~じに・・・ますか」by using wheel below. For example, students turn the upper wheel back and forth to match an activity to the times of the day, creating sentences which describe a daily routine in chronological order.
  3. Students interview each other and create a wheel of their daily activities.

Wheel sheet (PDF 256KB)

Resource created by The Japan Foundation, Sydney (November 2018).

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