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Choosing a Sports Kurabu

Students work in pairs to decide which of the four sports clubs (gyms) they will join. Each student and their partner go to two clubs, ask some questions and share the information. They then discuss which club they will choose.


The teacher chooses four students to play the role of an information officer at each sports club. (More advanced students may be chosen for this role.) Students form pairs. Each student receives a copy of the information sheet.

Information sheet

There are four sports clubs in your area, and you need to decide which club you will join. You and your partner each go to two clubs, ask some questions and share the information. Then discuss with your partner which club you would like to join.

Information Sheet (PDF 315KB)

Try to speak in Japanese by using these expressions:

いいですね。 that’s good   おもしろい。 that’s interesting
だめです。 that’s no good   おもしろくない。 that’s not interesting


Each student asks these questions at each club.

Karate Kurabu (PDF 384KB)

Soccer Kurabu (PDF 421KB)

Swimming Kurabu (PDF 385KB)

Tennis Kurabu (PDF 410KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood and Cathy Jonak (March 2001). We would like to thank the lecturers at the Nihongo Tanken Centre for the role play activity.

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